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MBS Video Consultation Items

This link provides information for the Medicare Benefits Schedule video consultation items.   http://www.mbsonline.gov.au/internet/mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/connectinghealthservices-itemlist

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Global Telehealth Conference

MyOnlineClinic was present at Global Telehealth Conference 2016 (GT2016). Global Telehealth 2016 (GT2016), the 5th International Conference on Global Telehealth, will be held at Skycity Convention Centre in Auckland, New Zealand from Monday 31 October to Thursday 3 November 2016.  The Global Telehealth conference series provides a platform for peer-reviewed academic papers on Telehealth-related technical and applied research.  It is [...]

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MyOnlineClinic wins Ambulance Victoria contract for low acuity cases

App-based telehealth service MyOnlineClinic has won a contract with Ambulance Victoria to provide a telehealth option for its referral division, offering a new service model for low acuity presentations. The company has also partnered with rural and regional medical centre group Tristar Medical to supply its telehealth needs, and is also working with residential aged [...]

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Rural & Remote Telehealth Conference

MyOnlineClinic: A novel solution for connecting patients to health care providers using mobile devices  MyOnlineClinic was present at the National Rural & Remote Telehealth Conference. The conference, in its second year continues to focus on ways of sustaining and providing telehealth services in rural and remote communities. View our Abstract from the conference below. Background MyOnlineClinic (MOC) [...]

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