MyOnlineClinic: Makes it easier than ever to get a prescription to your pharmacy.

MyOnlineClinic allows you to be seen by a doctor and receive prescriptions 24/7.

After your initial consultation with a doctor you may select your preferred pharmacy to send your prescription too. If your pharmacy is closed your prescription will be available next business day, you also have the choice* to change your preferred pharmacy to one that is open at the time.

Run out of your medication? If you ever require a repeat of your prescription you can always go into the MyOnlineClinic app.

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MyOnlineClinic is also proud to announce its association with the Victorian Government Supercare Pharmacies Initiative. Which is currently offering Victorian’s five 24/7 pharmacies. For more information regarding the initiative please┬ásee our blog.

*MyOnlineClinic does not guarantee that pharmacies and prescriptions are available 24/7, this is subject to your area and time of day.

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