MyOnlineClinic – Fully integrated medical software

MyOnlineClinic is an integrative Health Tech platform that enables all Healthcare providers connectivity through Telehealth. A powerful collaborative tool for Health Providers, Clinics, Emergency Services and Hospitals.

Why should you white label?

What else does MyOnlineClinic offer?

  • Design of Practice Management Software (cloud based) & integrated Telehealth solution with live bluetooth diagnostic devices

  • Integrated Technology able to API into government and non government platforms

  • EHealth Records on digital device integrated back to MyHealthRecord

  • The only patient centric practice management software

SaaS with Telehealth and Live Diagnostics

  • CFeatures: App based, IOS, Android

  • Connected to eRx – scripting

  • MiMMs

  • HiPAA compliant


  • Secure payment gateways – PayPal & Credit Card

  • Data Encryption

  • Data Security – Amazon Server (Sydney)

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