About MyOnlineClinic

MyOnlineClinic is a revolutionary digital healthcare solution that connects GP’s, Specialists & Patients. MyOnlineClinic turns  any computer, smart phone or tablet into your very own portable medical clinic.

MyOnlineClinic allows you to connect with healthcare providers from anywhere in the world via video technology, it’s smart Bluetooth medical devices allow you to closely monitor yourself or a family member from the comfort of your own home.

Personal Medical Records In Your Pocket

Manage & record your families health and seek appropriate healthcare with the MyOnlineClinic App from your smartphone or tablet wherever you go. All medical records are stored and synced on a secure cloud based server.

Live Video Consults

Book an appointment via the app & participate in a live video consult with your preferred medical or allied health professional. MyOnlineClinic allows you to connect to a health professional anywhere in the world at anytime.

Request Prescriptions

Request repeat prescriptions from your doctor anywhere, anytime and have them sent directly to your local pharmacy to be picked up the very same day.

Receive Radiology & Pathology Results

Your GP or specialist can request pathology and radiology results using MyOnlineClinic. The app will notify you when results are available & you’ll be able to schedule your next appointment immediately to discuss them.


I know so well how crucial is the issue of health and services for people in rural and remote Australia. It just makes myheart skip to see the capacity of this technology and your expertise; what it will deliver for families in bush Australia, and how much more the sense of security will give to families.

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

“I have been working with Telemedicine Australia for a few years, and I used their technology for consulting with the remote patients, it is very efficient and convenient and this technology greatly helped me for care of my remote patients. To my knowledge all patients were satisfied with this new technology”

Dr Reza Meschi ( MD, AMC,GP)

Connect Portable Medical Devices

MyOnlineClinic has a fully equipped medical kit designed to allow you to collect & monitor live diagnostic data prior to or during your consultation.

With the use of our Bluetooth medical devices you are able to collect your blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, blood oxygen and weight readings, you can also listen to your heart and lung sounds, take pictures of your skin, ear, nose, throat and much more.

To enquire about any of our medical devices, please use our contact form.

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